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Stay tuned. We will post an updated vendor list following the 2018 Jury process.

There will be a wide variety of talent on display this year as vendors range from jewellers to caramel corn to crafts made out of recycled skis. While some familiar faces will be back, it might be with a brand-new product, as participants are always encouraged to move forward from year to year. Here are the 2017 participants:

  • Alpine Prints by Kierstin (Wall art on wood and canvas)

  • BoCo Designs by Téa (Original photography and inspirational rocks)

  • Caramel Candy Shop by Mckenzie (Caramel apples and caramel corn)

  • Carter’s Creations by Carter (Wooden Christmas ornaments)

  • Ducktastic Crafts by Embyr (Duck tape crafts)

  • Fizz Factory by Andrzej (Bath bombs with toys inside)

  • Friendship Fun by Megan & Fern (Friendship Bracelets)

  • Herd &Co. by Sophi & Nate (Birch log reindeer)

  • Holiday Charm by Henry (Holiday jars & charms)

  • Hooked on Barn Boards by Lydia & Stella (Barn board wall hooks, chalk boards, and book ends & Barn Owls made out of pine cones)

  • Live 2 Ski by Jordan (Bird houses and wine bottle holders)

  • Lauren’s Finest Gourmet Granola by Lauren (Granola)

  • Lostworldz and Share by Coba (Orignal art and T-shirts)

  • Lucky Star Soy Candles by Brooke (Scented Soy wax candles)

  • Natural Highlife by Ella &Portia (Red pepper jelly and slime)

  • Nice Kitty Cards by Sam (Christmas Tags and Christmas cards)

  • Nice Kitty Cards by Ceilidh (Pillow cases and mermaid/sea animal blankets)

  • Nicole’s Aromatics by Nicole (Bar soap and essential oils)

  • Out of the box creations by Sam (Wooden santas and snowmen)

  • Rosie Designs by Kali (Chainmail jewelry & decorative Christmas cards)

  • Sage’s Sweets by Sage (Sponge toffee and short bread)

  • Teppei’s driftwood shop by Teppei (Driftwood Christmas trees)

  • Whistler Essentials by Annie & Cora(Lavender Bath salts and essential oils)

  • Whistler Paws by Reese (Dog bandannas and breath freshening treats)

  • Wonder Cookies by Meghan (Gingerbread reindeer)

  • Wonder Wallets by Seren (Duct Tape wallets)

  • Wood Wicks Whistler by Taylor (Tea light holders)