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Jury Information

What to expect at a jury?

  • Artisans will be asked to describe how they make their craft and where the materials come from.
  • Crafts should be presented as they would be displayed at the craft fair, including tags or labels or packaging.
  • The jury is looking for a variety of quality crafts that will sell well.
  • Artisans will receive feedback on how products could be finished differently or improved.
  • Artisans may receive an immediate “yes” at the jury.  Most artisans will have to wait about 24 hours to receive a decision by email, especially in popular categories.  The emailed decision may be a yes, no or “pending”.  “Pending” means that you will have to wait until after the final jury.

What to bring to the jury?

  • Completed application form
  • Craft samples
  • Payment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience (you may have to wait in line)