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Brat Biz Gallery 2016

2017 Organizing team pictured from left to right:  Lee Schwartz, Craig Lovell, Jacqui Lawrence

Volunteer Info


Many volunteers are required to make this event possible. Please review the volunteer requirements below and contact us with your requested date, time and job.

Event Volunteers
Volunteers are needed throughout the weekend to sell draw prize tickets.  Selling draw prize tickets provides a significant portion of our funding for the coming year.  Two volunteers are needed for each one hour shift throughout the hours of the market to actively sell tickets.

Event Posters Circulated
Volunteers are being sought to put posters up at designated locations throughout Whistler & Pemberton.

Door Prize Pick-Ups
Volunteers are needed to pick-up door prizes up at locations throughout Whistler & Pemberton.

Wrap Gift Baskets
Volunteers are requested to wrap gift baskets one evening before the event.

Event Set Up Friday evening before the market  3:00pm – 7:00 pm
We need about 4 volunteers to help transform the Whistler Conference Center lobby. This involves moving furniture, setting up tables, arranging tablecloths,  hang decorations or posters, wrapping boxes and a few other tasks.

Vendor Set Up and tear down
Vendors may set up after school on Friday from 3:00pm until 7:00 pm.  Bratz Biz vendors may not use the loading bay.  Please use the front lobby doors of the conference centre. Mostly however, we need many strong and energetic hands for tear down on Sunday from 4pm.

Bratz Biz gave Keesun the tools to believe that his artistic and creative talent could enable a business idea. This was a very powerful and motivating message that I would encourage all parents and youth to explore. Bratz Biz taught Keesun to be creative, fearless, and confident that the journey itself will bring great satisfaction. Ever since Bratz Biz, Keesun has learned to trust and harness his entrepreneurial and creative spirit.
Heidi MacPherson, Parent