Bratz Biz Founders

After 10 years of working with young artisans in The Sea to Sky corridor, co-founders Susan Rowlands Shrimpton (R) and Carmen Laslett (L) are ready to pass on the reins. Carmen and Susan have poured their heart and soul into the development of Bratz Biz, which has been a labour of love from day one.  It all started with a crazy idea when their own kids were making jewelry and other crafts during the summer of 2006. At that time, they had no idea how the concept would grow or be received by the community. It didn’t take many years for the event to earn its reputation as a respected artisan market. Each year the dynamic duo fundraise, plan, market and produce an event worthy of comparison to any artisan market, but theirs is unique in that it is just for school-aged vendors.

If you have an interest in empowering young artisans to take their ideas from the doodle pad to market, or if you have a flair for event organization and are well-connected in the community, you may be just the person Bratz Biz is looking for.

Ideally two or three parents who have participated in a past Bratz Biz would be guided through the process. Dates and locations for the main event and juries need to be set as soon as possible if the event is to go ahead for this year. It would be sad to see such a unique community event come to an end after so many successful years.  For a detailed job description, please contact the organizers.