Thanks for your interest in contacting Bratz Biz



Thanks for your interest in contacting Bratz Biz.
The best way to get a hold of us is by email.
We generally respond within 24 hours.

LOCATION:  Bratz Biz Craft Fair runs in conjunction with the annual Arts Whistler Holiday Market. The market is traditionally held opening weekend.   Many of our vendors operate their businesses year round.  If you are interested in purchasing items you can contact us at and we can direct you to retail locations and the vendor.

Bratz Biz
C/O Arts Whistler
4335 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

Please be sure to include c/o Arts Whistler to ensure that any letter mail gets to the appropriate in-box.

Bratz Biz was my first introduction to the business world. I was only in grade 4, but I found out I liked making things and when I realized that other people were willing to buy my creations, it was very motivating. At a young age, I learned to manage my own small business, which included ordering supplies, designing the product, manufacturing, hiring people, and marketing. Although I am not in the toque business anymore, I have been successful in many other small business ventures. After graduation, I plan to attend post secondary to learn more about business.
Keesun MacPherson, Artisan