Congratulations to the Bratz Biz 2016 draw basket winners!

Health and Wellness: Sarah Church
Whistler Experience: Daphne Curtis
Moms: Susan Hamersley
Adrenaline Junkie: Jacqui Tyler
Teen Boy: Rosemary Malaher
House and Home: Lee Schwartz
Couples: McKenzie Jackson
Family: Emma Mullings
5 Day Edge Card: Emily Sargeant
Sweet Tooth: Mia Robinson
Relax: Todd Hickam
Bratz Girl: Jen Campbell
Lucky Dip: Theresa Ho Chen
Teen Girl: Sharon Tyrrell
Dads: Paloma Rance
Indulge: Seika Anderson
Pampered Pets: Lesley Byford
Bratz Boy: George Kosseff

Sweet Tooth basket winner Mia Robinson
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