“I am Whistler kid who had been going to Bratz Biz since I can remember. This is my fourth year with Bratz Biz and second year making candles. I chose to make soy candles because they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and the soy is grown in North America. Soy wax is the only ingredient in my candles and there is no waste. Soy candles also don’t make very much smoke and last for a really long time.

Lucky Star Soy Candles

Last year I made mostly mason jar candles and small folded star candles. My new product this year is Christmas trees made in a silicone mould. I can only make one at a time but they are really beautiful and would be a nice gift or look good just as a decoration. I learned that making crafts is great fun but you have to think about the cost of your supplies and how much money you can sell something for.  My time spent crafting has to be worthwhile.” – Brooke